This world needs real men!

How to become a strong, confident and sexual powerful man, living the life and relationships you ever wanted

Johannes Rudolf Ska

Founder and Mentor

Before I founded SPATHA I went through a journey that enabled me to do what I do today. It`s been more than 14 years since the worst and at the same time most important part of my life occurred.

sports injury led me into a depression that held on for years. At this time I had low self-esteem, no trust within myself, I was insecure and when it came to women I was hopelessly lost. I was starving for my absent father and authentic masculine mentorship. I was living at the edge of life, always looking for the last bit of hope. A quest for purpose and meaningful living began. A quest for life clarity, maleness and my identity as a man. I met a variety of mentors that showed me the other side of life, the ability to overcome life struggles and build a life upon true solid self-esteem as a mature, grounded man with confidence, knowing what he wants. Searching became applying and my calling.

Ready for the journey?

We enable you to get the most out of yourself. Our process orientated mentoring is showing you step by step how to gain true inner strength as a mature man who is not only attractive to women but moreover has devoted his life to virtues bigger than himself and by this is extremely powerful.

It is about inner and outer strength, health and male vitality. It`s about becoming the man you always wanted to be and that this world is in need of.


Therefor through a strong inner and outer self you will become a man with solid self-confidence, knowing who he is, what he lives for, being able to live healthy and fulfilling relationships. A man not only important for his society, but also secretely desired by almost every woman.  As every journey begins with the first step, it is also this one!

Three stages of male evolution


Devine Warrior


Level 1 - Recruitment

How to deal with the actual situation, obstacle or challenge, build a solid foundation of fortitude and positivity by self-management, build strong and lasting self-esteem, improve self-consciousness, learn and integrate the fundamentals of maleness and mature masculinity.

Level 2 - Devine Warrior

How to find connection to intuition and inner guidance, heal wounds of the past, keep testing your limits and face your fear, gain life clarity, discover your true life-purpose and live a life with vision and declared mission. 

Level 3 - SPATHA

How to gain true self-confidence, restore your primal confidence, practice self-care and respect, let go of the past, achieve an overall life fulfillment, encounter the feminine and enter new levels of sexuality and intimacy, living nourishing and healthy relationships.

How SPATHA works

How SPATHA works

Online Access

Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.


Physical Health

Get a target-oriented, personalized and effective workout for strengthening your body and achieving better physical health, vitality and wellbeing. Optimize your biorhythm with an adjusted health and nutrition plan and use its therapeutic effect.

Expert Mentorship

Get personalized mentorship from experts who can help you out in your situation and provide direction as they have sucessfully overcome the hardships you are facing, in a weekly 1:1 Call and 24/7 Support.


Live Events

Attend live in-person events with ritual process of initiation and transformation. Learn in an immersive "real world" environment, rub shoulders with men of same interests and our team.

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