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SPATHA is a symbol of hope. We believe in making a difference in this world by transforming men`s lives into better.

The word SPATHA comes from the first double-edged sword, called Spatha, even before the sword of vikings emerged. A sword was not only some tool to fight with, it was much more than that. Especially when the knighthood and the brotherhood of temple knights was born, carrying a sword meant being a man who has devoted his life to a codex of virtues, something bigger than himself. 

Becoming part of a circle of men was a right needed to be earned by passing certain tests. Once earned, it meant serving virtues like protection and responsibility, as from now on every decision needed to be wise and thoughtful. Because when a decision has been made and the sword has once been drawn, there was no turning back. Indeed the word decision originates from drawing a sword.

The German language is very clear about that: A decision (=Entscheidung) has been made when the sword was pulled out of its scabbard (=ScheideEnt(d)-Scheidung).

From the latin word spatae (pl.) spatha still lives in spanish espada, italian spada oder french épée. Also in Albania the word shpata or shpatë means sword. The old Greeks had the spartan warriors which stood for a military elite flagship.

Well, SPATHA also symbols making courageous decisions that will change your life for ever as it cuts off the past and enables to live a better future.


Johannes Rudolf Ska

                            Founder & Mentor

"I am not a dating coach and I am not a motivational speaker!"


Grown up in a small village near Weißenburg in Bayern I was raised without my father. I was a bold, courageous and bright young boy until this brightness seemed to disappear over the years. I became more and more insecure, reserved and fearful.  It began a search for self-esteem, confidence, for maleness, meaning and purpose.

The fall

I was a pretty fast runner which made me join athletic sports. I was doing well and achieved top placement. Unfortunately by the age of 16 I lost myself in it as it was the only thing that gave me any purpose. Circumstances in my family weren`t the brightest at that time and personal conditions neither. I trained harder, forced myself to extreme disciplines and my nutrition was lacking. 

An injury in my leg threw me to ground and I had to stop training. The world crumbled down on me. I was burned out, without any purpose or perspective in my life sliding into a depression. Attempts to finish german high school graduation failed and I had to leave school.

The emptiness

I was living in isolation. Therapeutic attempts were a nice try to get me back into a life that never seemed to be something I want. Pills the doctors gave me I threw into the bin. I felt so different in a world that I was supposed I live in and that was declared as "normal". At this time I was the only one believing that there was a way out, but which was just not included in all the opportunities society and "health system" offered me.

Girls liked me, even showed their interest, but I did not have any clue how to deal with it. I was kind of cute, but was it. My inability to deal with the feminine caused much pain.

By the age of 18 I signed up for compulsory military service, which was a good decision. I had success again. I recognized my ability to motivate others and I made first place in sports competition with more than 300 soldiers.  Even though, I was still haunted by feelings of emptiness and worthlessness in my heart.

By the age of 19 I lost my virginity and by then I swore to myself to do whatever it takes to become a man.

The return

As I still was not over the bridge yet, my premature exit was a plane ticket to the other side of the world. I learned fast that you always take one thing with you, which is yourself. 

Feelings of inferiority and the loss of any purpose in my life remained. Doing sport was at this time one of the most important support I had. After returning from overseas I decided for a training in emergency service which I did. 

I saw the gaps in the system and started to question it. I was amazed that people were listening to a sick doctor rather than a healthy man. I considered the fact that so many doctors and psychologists had great health issues for themselves and didn`t know how to solve it mostly giving out recipes or random advise. And me, I wanted to do something meaningful and actually solve problems, yet I did not know how.

The breakthrough

Though I was still facing devastating thouhts of depression and futility I began to do rather better. This I certainly owed to my first mentor I`ve met these days, who was the first showing me tools that actually did work regaining inner strength and some perspective. I moved away from my hometown and decided to get the high school graduation which I did pretty well.

Besides school I did random jobs as life guard, teaching how to swim, working on construction or as a barista. I met my second mentor, which happened to be the toughest man I`ve ever seen since then, showing me what it really means to be a powerful male man. It was back then when I realized how important it is to have a solid self-esteem and that it is not only the root of most problems, but also the solution. 


After receiving my degree I was heading to become a helicopter pilot. Even though I did apply for police going through the test successfully I decided to do it another way as it reminded me to much of "doing as you are told for what."

I moved to another city taking on flight courses as I passed certain tests successfully. I literally was stearing the helicopters joystick, when I realized how much more passionated I was doing seminars, working with men and women, which I already had been doing. Certainly not professional but with little successes already. I had to make a tough decision.

Purpose and Vision

My first relationship ended painfully and I was suffering many insecurities. Certainly I seemed to be confident and sexually attractive to women, but I was driven by some inner hole that no woman how pretty she might have been could fill. Though I kind of knew where to go I was not sure where exactly and what next.

I went to the US participating in some seminars and ended up traveling for some while. I got to know the world of north American indigenous people and shamanism as I even shared some intense time with a true shaman indigenous woman. I spent much time for myself in the loneliness and I did not stop until I was very clear about the vision I was seeking for.


I did not have much money left so I started working for other people and at this time it happened all of sudden, that people supported me and asked me to help them overcome their life struggles. I had my first clients and workshop for free contributions, realized how well it went and back in Germany I started my business in 2015

Since then I helped a vast variety of people to live better lives and specialized on solving men`s issues becoming a truly confident, physically fit, strong and sexual powerful man as this describes my own journey most suitable.


My special thanks go to my mentors Frank Schmitz, and Robert Sieverding and his initiated group circle of men, who became my family.

Annika Kosegarten

                            Back Office Assistant

I have been interested in personal development and a healthy lifestyle since my youth. After a long period of illness, I became even more aware of how important it is to take care of your mental and physical health and to take responsibility for your own life.
I love to support others and see them grow personally and I am proud to be a part of SPATHA. I take care of the organizational tasks behind the scenes."

Tobias Ihle

  Student for sport science, Fitness Coach

The body has become sluggish, career binds us, family is there, old habits, but our body is designed not only for sitting and working on machines, but for movement in complex ways. Life is movement. Let us use our body and create it as it is worthy of your person. We at SPATHA do not only talk but we do, we stand by our word. SPATHA stands for clarity and commitment, and in the same way with my scientific background, I will accompany you on your way to a strong, resilient male body.

Katharina Duemler

                            Nutrition Coach

Your diet has a great influence on other areas of your life, especially on your mental and physical well-being. If you neglect your diet, this can have negative consequences for your health and a kind of downward spiral.

True to the motto "You are what you eat", I will be at your side as a nutritional coach during the SPATHA Training and help you to strengthen your inner self with the right nutrition.

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